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Aya. Spirit Vine. Yagé. Daime. Vine of the Soul. La Medicina.

However you call her, an encounter with Mother Ayahuasca can be among the most profound, mystical, meaningful, and healing experiences of a lifetime. Sometimes quite difficult or painful, this journey is not for the faint of heart, but is often deeply rewarding and personally insightful.

Across several Central and South American countries Ayahuasca is regarded as sacred medicine by native peoples, and has been traditionally used for millennia in a ceremonial setting.

Only in modern times has the larger outside world been introduced to this powerful psychotropic brew. Many Ayahuasca retreat centers have been established to bring this awakening, healing modality to visitors from beyond the Amazon. At this moment in history it is serving as an important ally in healing individuals and shifting global consciousness. The planet desperately needs this.

At JourneyAya.com we’re creating the most comprehensive list of safe, legal Ayahuasca retreat centers on the internet. It’s a work in progress. Organized by country, each Ayahuasca retreat has been screened for negative reviews that report abuse or malicious business practices. Please inform us if any of our information is not current.

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pisatahua ecolodge ayahuasca retreat in bolivia
spirit vine ayahuasca retreat in brazil
aslepay shamanic center ayahuasca retreat in colombia
casa del sol ayahuasca retreat in ecuador

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