Ayahuasca Retreats

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From lush Amazon jungle, to mystical Andean highlands, to endless western deserts – this is a land of enchantment and ancient tradition.


An expansive country – almost 40% of its land area is dense Amazon rainforest, so of course Ayahuasca is deeply ingrained in Brazilian history and culture


Colombia encompasses ancestral homelands of the original Maestros, the Shamans, the caretakers, the allies and students of Grandmother Aya.

Costa Rica

The lush tropic rainforests and abundant wildlife of this Central American country is a natural adopted homeland for Mother Aya as she has moved beyond the Amazon basin.


One of the traditional Amazonian homelands for Ayahuasca, with a cultural heritage deeply rooted in shamanic traditions and medicine.


Has a long history of ritual use of plant medicine for healing and spiritual growth. Ayahuasca has been adopted into this tradition.


Peru is the traditional home of Ayahuasca. Many believe that the indigenous Shipibo-Conibo communities were the original discoverers of the sacred brew.